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How to start radio broadcast (broadcast from Volnorez)
How to start radio broadcast (broadcast from Volnorez)
How to start radio broadcast (broadcast from Volnorez)

To start broadcasting need:

  • choose in the administrative panel "Broadcast" -> "Broadcast"
  • In appeared window you will see flash-broadcaster with which you will run your radio on the air.

  • 1. The button “Start Broadcast” - after pressing on it you begin your broadcasting
    The broadcasting runs from the recording device by default (usually the microphone).

    If you broadcast on our server, then this button runs the broadcast from microphone.

    After the first pressing, the broadcaster asks admittance to your microphone (as on the picture below). Press “Allow” to start the air broadcasting.

    At started broadcasting from the right site of the window you can see vibration. It shows that the broadcast from microphone/stereomixer is running normally. If there is not any vibration, then the broadcast from microphone/stereomixer is not running. If that site completely filled with blue – perhaps the microphone very noisy and you should turn down the volume and stay the microphone away from the sound column or turn it off.

    2. “Broadcast playlist” - the button for broadcasting music on Volnorez. It becomes active as soon as you transfer the music track to playlist. At first this list is empty.

    When you broadcast music on Volnorez, it plays from our server and does not workloading your internet!

    3. “Start record” - allows to record the broadcast. The time of the record is limited. It depends on account type: free - 15 minutes, Standard - 30 minutes, Profi - 60 minutes. After saving a record the file is not available for listening in several minutes as it is in the process of treating. The time of treating depends on time of the record and other options. “Subject broadcasting” - it uses to attract to interested listeners on the radio station . (If it is noted) It is displaying in player, in the widget of the right column of the site “Online” and if it is possible everywhere where the page of your station is shown.

    4. “Volume control broadcast” – controlling the volume of broadcast of microphone or stereomixer when you broadcast with it.

    5. “Volume control playlist” – controlling the volume of music, which is run by you from the playlist.

    6. “Stop autobroadcast” – this button appears only then, when you run autobroadcaster and serves to stop it.

    7. “Show the track title in the player” - it is used leading and giving an ability to hold competitions like “guess the melody”. This button is a single for all broadcasters. It means that if RJ turned it off, it will be turned off for all and conversely.

    8. “Hear yourself” - it works if the button 9 is turned on. If you turn it off you will be hear all that is running on the air besides your microphone/stereomixer.

    9. “Hear what is broadcasting” –if you tick in this point, you will hear what is running online.

    The points from 10 to 16 are in v-commander, which use for editing, sorting, searching, starting the broadcasts of audio tracks in direct and automatic mode. V-commander is consists of two windows (1 and 2): they have tabs such as: my music, search, playlist, autobroadcast. Some tabs are doubled for easy sorting the tracks from one folder to another.

    10. “My music” – has the tracks which you download.

    11. “Records/podcasts” – has the tracks which you make.

    12. “Jingles” – using for jingles and ads.

    13. “Search” – using for searching tracks on the local base of Volnorez. It is very easy for taking the “orders” and making up playlists. It helps you do your work faster and reduces necessity in downloading own tracks.

    14. “Playlist” – using for running the tracks on the air. This list is empty by default and for adding tracks it needs to transfer these tracks from tabs 10-13 into the playlist by pressing on the button number 16.

    If you have the “Free” account type, you may transfer not more 5 tracks.

    15. “Autobroadcast” – using for playing tracks in automatic mode. Read more here

    In “Standard” count of tracks is almost unlimited (up to 500). If you want to create playlist ahead, you should make a list of tracks and save it. By default the title of playlist is “Playlist_(your nick in chat)”. Later the saved playlist can be found and run in tab number 10.


    If you want to listen to a track before it will be run on the air, you can do it easily by pressing on Play in the left list. Thus only you can hear playing track!!! And track which running on the air during this time is not interrupted!

    Broadcasting all sounds from computer
    Broadcasting all sounds from computer
    Broadcasting all sounds from computer

    This section is for those who wish to broadcast a sound directly from computer or to use professional software and hardware.

    Easiest and most affordable way to broadcast what you hear from your columns is using the built-in sound card mixer.

    Thus it is possible to broadcast: music from your computer and third-party sites, processed sound by special programs (including the mixed real-time), the sound of the DJ console.

    To do this you need make sure that you have installed appropriated sound driver for your sound card. It can be found on the disc included with the computer when buying or on the official website of company, which was produced your computer/laptop or sound card. If you have a sound card Realtek (most likely, they are often embedded in the motherboard), you 100% have the equipment that meets all requirements.

    Next you need to replace the device by default from microphone on stereo mixer, it is necessary to play all sounds from the PC on the air.

    Example for Windows 7 ( activities in other operating systems are substantially similar)

    To do this you must: (on the Windows toolbar at the right below) click the mouse on the icon of volume and select "recording devices" in the appeared list .
    In the opened window select the "Stereo Mixer" by default (in this case if you did everything right, the stereo mixer will be marked with a green check mark), then click "OK". Update the page with the broadcaster and click "Broadcast" - all sounds from your computer, which can be heard from columns and headphones (including croaking ICQ and Mail Agent) will go on the air.

    To avoid any background sounds in live use headphones!

    Broadcasting through Flash Media Live Encoder
    Broadcasting through Flash Media Live Encoder
    Broadcasting through Flash Media Live Encoder

    Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE) — бесплатная программа, работающая под операционными системами Windows и MacOS, которая позволяет создавать аудио и видео трансляции. Основные особенности FLME:

  • Поддержка аудио-кодеков Mp3 и AAC позволяет передавать стерео-звук
  • Работа не только в графическом режиме, но и в режиме консоли
  • Имеет функцию автоматического перезапуска при зависании или через определенные промежутки времени

  • Вы можете скачать Flash Media Live Encoder для вашей операционной системы:

  • C сайта Adobe
  • C сайта версия 3.2 для Windows, версия 3.2 для MacOS

  • Чтобы запустить трансляцию через Flash Media Live Encoder, нужно выполнить следующие действия:

    1. Зайдите на Волнорез под своим аккаунтом, перейдите к настройкам той станции, на которой вы хотите начать трансляцию. На вкладке «общие» в разделе «Параметры трансляции» указаны настройки, которые нужно вводить в FMLE.

    Параметры трансляции с ПК

    2. Откройте FMLE и скопируйте параметры, указанные в настройках станции, в соответствующие поля программы:

  • Основной URL -> FMS URL
  • Резервный URL -> Backup URL
  • Поток -> Stream

  • Параметры трансляции в FMLE

    Название потока, которое вводится в поле Stream, проверяется при запуске трансляции на сервере. При необходимости его можно изменить, нажав кнопку «обновить». После обновления трансляция остановится (если она была запущена) и её нужно будет запустить заново с новым значением параметра «Поток» (Stream в FMLE).

    3.Выберите аудио-устройство и укажите настройки кодирования звука: кодек – Mp3, каналы – стерео, частота – 44100 Hz, битрейт – 128 Kbps.

    Параметры трансляции в FMLE

    Максимальный битрейт потока, который можно направить на сервер — 128 Kbps, при превышении этого значения поток не будет транслироваться в эфир.

    Кроме того, отключите запись трансляции в файл, для этого нужно снять галочку «Save to File»

    Сохранение в файл

    4.Нажмите кнопку «Connect» чтобы подключиться к серверам трансляции, в левом нижнем углу появится надпись «Connected». Нажмите кнопку «Start» — начнется кодирование и передача звука, в левом нижнем углу надпись изменится на: «Streaming to Primary and Backup...».


    5.Зайдите на радиостанцию и убедитесь, что трансляция началась и звук воспроизводится с требуемым качеством. Если качество звука плохое (слышны щелчки и шипение), то нужно проверить настройки аудио-устройства (возможно необходимо уменьшить громкость устройства).

    Если поток из FMLE прервался, трансляция остановится. В случае разрыва соединения с сервером FMLE пытается восстановить соединение, при восстановлении потока трансляция автоматически возобновится.

    Можно настроить трансляцию на несколько станций с одного компьютера, для этого нужно запустить несколько экземпляров FMLE с разными параметрами подключения, и выбрать разные устройства захвата аудио.

    Все настройки автоматически сохраняются, и, при следующем запуске, их не нужно вводить повторно. Кроме того, программа позволяет сохранять профиль настроек в файл (команда меню “File -> Save Profile”), а затем – загружать сохраненные настройки (команда меню “File -> Load Profile”). Это может понадобиться для работы с несколькими радиостанциями.

    Запуск FMLE в режиме консоли

    Можно запустить FMLE без графического интерфейса в командной строке. Для этого нужно перейти в каталог, куда установлена программа (обычно C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2), и запустить исполняемый файл FMLEcmd.exe. В команде можно указать файл профиля, который содержит настройки трансляции:

    FMLEcmd /p С:\test-profile.xml

    Кроме того, можно задать интервал автоматического перезапуска программы

    FMLEcmd /p С:\test-profile.xml /t 00:12:00

    Параметр /t 00:12:00 указывает, что программа должна перезапускаться через каждые 12 часов.

    How to upload music on site
    How to upload music on site
    How to upload music on site

    To upload music on the site, you need:

  • Select in the upper menu "Broadcast" -> "Broadcast"
  • In the appeared V-commander select one or more files to upload and click "open"

  • An upload process begins.

    Downloading files interrupts if you close the site page.

    Track title and description are generated automatically on the base of contents of the file, but it can be changed after loading


  • Maximum upload size - 70 MB
  • Supported formats: .mp3, .wav, .ogg
  • Why do I need autobroadcaster and how it works
    Why do I need autobroadcaster and how it works
    Why do I need autobroadcaster and how it works
    AUTOBROADCASTER - is an optional, fee-based service, included in "Standard" and "Pro"
    BROADCAST, INCLUDING the music from your computer is possible without it!

    Necessity in autobroadcaster arises when you want to broadcast your station all day, but can not be near computer all the time. Autobroadcaster will work even if you turn off your PC.

    To configure "autobroadcaster" you should select in the top administration menu "Broadcast" -> "Autobroadcaster"


    On the page you will see two windows, left shows you uploaded on Volnorez tracks, right - playlist of autobroadcaster.

    1. Start autobroadcaster button. By pressing it, you run the broadcast playlist (11). After this, in the status bar (5) appears "broadcaster started". If all goes well - you can close the Volnorez page or even shut down your computer - broadcast will be carried out automatically and your station will be online.

    2. With this button you can stop running autobroadcaster.

    3. Switch mixing mode. In mixing mode autobroadcaster will be "infinitely" play music from your list in random order. At the same time, it would "try" to play tracks not in a row (or even by one) the same composition .

    4. Switch the repeat mode. In this mode, music will be "infinitely" played in the same order in which it is in the playlist (11).

    5. Status Bar. It shows the running broadcaster or not, displays hints and other information.

    6. The saved playlists selector.

    7. Panel showing the estimated time of playing playlist (may differ from the real, often - very slightly). It also shows the number of tracks in the list.

    8. Sorting panel for uploaded music. With it you can sort the uploaded music on various parameters. Here is a button "move the entire list", which, following its name, move all tracks from the left list to the right.

    9. Panel of sorting the list of the translation. With it you can sort the playlist according to different parameters or, alternatively, mix it. Mixing algorithm "tries" not to put near the same tracks.

    10. List of uploaded songs on the radio.

    11. List of broadcast. "Autobroadcaster" launches it. There are need drag or add using the (12) tracks from the left list.

    12. buttons of transferring the songs from the left list to the right.

    13. A smooth transition between tracks (fast/slow) is ONLY available in "PRO" account type!!!!

    How to change channel logo
    How to change channel logo
    How to change channel logo

    To change the station logo, you need to go to the station's settings page (top menu "Settings" -> "Station appearance") and upload proper file in "Station logo" section.

    Recommended logo size 320x180 pixels.

    How to «spinup» you station
    How to «spinup» you station
    How to «spinup» you station

    So you've created your radio, uploaded music and began to broadcast. Now the big question - is where to get a lot of listeners !?

    There are few basic approaches to solve this problem, but they work only if your station is really interesting (this is a separate issue described in detail on our forum).

    The best thing you can do - is to use all approaches at the same time. In this case there will be a "chain reaction". I.e. more listeners are already on the station - greater the number of listeners it will be interested.

    1. Try to maintain a conversation with all new coming to the station. Banal "Hello :-)" - it already sets a positive contact. Of course, it can scare someone, but in most cases it's a big plus. So you can already gather an audience, but there is a direct relationship between the number of people at the station and your oratorical talent. Do not be afraid to start intimate conversations, call up listeners, find out their opinions and preferences in music.

    However, here you are, ready to communicate, but listeners are still low! What to do? Read more :o)

    2. Invite friends - they will give you the first push towards success. Invite not only "the most-most" and chosens, but all in a row from the list in ICQ, Mail Agent, Skype, Ventra, VKontakte, even those who are currently offline. Do not make a decision for people whether they will be interested or not - they're smart, they believe themselves able to make their choice :-) So you can already draw a crowd.

    3 . Use the social networks under player on your station. They will let your comrades know that you have created your station. After all, the most people are not sitting all the time online. They come from work or study, will open "VKontakte", and there are news about your radio - bam! and they already on your station.

    Big additional plus is if you ask your friends to click these buttons - this approach could trigger a chain reaction.

    4. This method is not suitable for everyone, but it should not be ignored. Good article or news hits get on the homepage of Volnorez, its readers automatically become your listeners. So, if you are the proud owner of the writer's talent and the acoount type "Standard" or " Pro" - you provided additional 100-300 people a day.

    5. The banner in the show bill (available only for users of "Standard" and "Pro" ) - a good help, because almost every visitor at first enters on the home page and at first thing he sees - these are big beautiful pictures of stations in the top of the page. This "picture" could attract about 200-500 people a day! To put your banner in the show bill - click at the bottom of the administrative panel "My ads on Volnorez" -> "Adsense on show bill"

    6. Also, you can use "Banner advertisement" for advertising your station. Your banner will be shown at all online users' stations. You can also adjust the timing and the target audience of your advertising company.

    You can customize your banner on link or in the top panel "Ads" -> "Banner advertisement".

    1. Enable/disable banner shows

    2. The final form of the banner.

    3. Shows today/total showing/remaining targeted shows (remaining shows without targeting)

    4. Customize the appearance of banner, can be: the text (for example, with reference to your station) or picture when you click on that users also will be able to get to your station.

    5. Rules, additional settings, statistics and payment for banner.

    Targeting. Here you can set: the number of showing per day, shows to unique user (i.e., the same user will see your banner as many times as you want.), show time (example: if you select the time from 1 to 4 , then your banner will be shown from 1:00:00 till 3:59:59 ), to show to users all over the world or only selected countries or regions.

    Statistics. Here it shows statistics for showing and conversions (clicks) of your banner. CTR percentage ratio between shows and conversions.

    Payment. Here you can pay for banner.

    ATTENTION! read the last paragraphs:
    1. Banners on advertising platform changes every 60-90 seconds
    2. The same banner is not shown to the same visitor more than once at 15 minutes
    3. Picture and description MUST NOT contain: obscene words, words defamatory visitors or third parties, incitement to violence, pornography
    4. Picture and description MUST NOT violate copyright

    In case of violations in picture and description - the banner will be banned, and also the deposited funds WILL NOT BE REFUNDED!!

    Remember that it is not enough to invite many people on station, it is important that they like what they hear! Then listeners will longer remain on your radio and return to it again and again

    How to entertain the audience
    How to entertain the audience
    How to entertain the audience

    To rouse the audience interest, you need make a nice airtime and fill them by different games and fun.
    We have collected and prepared for you the terms of the most popular of them, here.
    Selfmade design
    Selfmade design
    Selfmade design

    We will consider the design of the "Amsterdam" radio for example, because it uses all settings.

    ATTANTION!!!!!! All configuration changes are applied "quickly" - without extra buttons and page reloads!

    To get to the settings page, you can get from the top panel. It is necessary to select "Settings" -> "Custom station design"

    Station admin may prohibit to RJ to change a station design - in this case such menu item just will not be shown

    So when entering the design page you will see the following:


    Station design can conditionally be divided into three steps:

    1. Logo uploading

    2. Background uploading

    3. Picture placement
    Image in the background can be located depending on your desires:

  • Without repeating. In this case, the picture is at the top, in the center of the page
  • Repeat, horizontally or vertically
  • Repeat, in both directions
  • Be careful if the picture is too small, and you chose the placement type "no repeat" - it will not be seen as it will "under the page" (to see it tick the "transparent background page")

    You can also fix the background. This feature is very convenient just to put a static image in the background that will not scroll with the page content. In this case, you can simply set an image as the desktop Windows. By the way, such images (Wallpaper - visit Yandex, Google) are very well suited to the requirements

    4. Setting the type of placement of the background image and colors


    Upload the original image. In this case amsterdam.jpg, 1700x1000 px, 82 kilobytes.


    After loading the image station page will be in this form.


    Change "Offset of the top page", put it in the value of 80 (need to free space for the top station header)

    Then, we see a sharp transition between backgrounds from the right and left of the page(red rectangle). That is because the background repeats. To avoid it check "Fixed background".


    Final result

    How to appoint RJ
    How to appoint RJ
    How to appoint RJ

    To appoint the second RJ you need to login to radiostation (username - the name of your radio station) and password. You will see the admin panel below. Press the menu "Settings", then when menu is opened we choose "Station options".

    Next page shows the settings of your radiostation, where you can enter a channel description, email address, change your password, appoint password to the RJ, change station's name, copy the JS-Code (code of a player to insert into your website), also appointing of RJ.

    So, initially in the "Settings" tab you open the "General", to add RJ you need to click on the appropriate tab, as shown below.
    appointing of an RJ

    Process of adding an RJ can be divided into two phases (block number 1 and block number 2 on picture), in the first block you turn the button "accept request", and listeners see on the main page of your radio (after refreshing the page), in the title of the player they will see "Become RJ on this station" button, clicking on it they will send you a request.

    appointing of an RJ

    Next, requests coming to you, you accept or reject them, and then click "Save". After you save RJ moves to block number 2 "Actual RJs", where he is given the rights (to change the design or logo, load or delete tracks, write and delete news and events in the broadcast shedule, connect and extend account type, as well as broadcast)


    Block number 3 is used to enter your quests to your station, for examples those guests which will be interviewed. (Guests are limited in rights, including to ban listeners in chat).

    To connect guest password should be:

    1. Click on the activation password button for guests

    2. Enter password

    3. Save by pressing the appropriate button

    Once you're done, give to visitors your username and password.

    Your login and password are created by the guest must be entered to access the site. There is a button "Enter" in the upper right menu, after pressing on it the form for entering login and password is opened!

    Articles and news publishing
    Articles and news publishing
    Articles and news publishing

    With the publication of articles you can not only inform your listeners about upcoming events and thematic broadcasts, but also attract to new ones from the home page and search engines of Volnorez.

    To get to the news publishing - click on the top menu "Settings" -> "News publishing"

    Station administrator may prohibit publishing news to RJs, in this case such menu item just will not be shown


    Not every article or news display on Volnorez home page. Only administration may choose them

    Publishing example

    article publishing

    Final result

    What do I need to display my article on the main page
    What do I need to display my article on the main page
    What do I need to display my article on the main page

    After publishing the article, our moderator determines whether display it on the main page of Volnorez or not.

    We'd like to highlight some reasons for the our choice to make decisions

    Here is a list of basic requirements for the articles on the main:

    1. Uniqueness of the text of article must be more than 80% - if the article contains information on a global scale, i.e., covers events occurring outside our site (check out the article on the uniqueness of the program that can be downloaded from the page: )

    2. Article or note should contain information about the music, radio or related areas: examples of articles are available on the main page. In extreme cases, an article that covers the events of everyone's interests may be placed. These cases are really exceptional, like: "Our people are landed on Mars!" or "Our soccer team won the World Cup!"

    3. Article shall consist of not less than 250 characters and have the image

    4. On the main page can get even an article of the category "We have opened", "Today it will be a contest" or "At 18:00 transfer will take place dedicated to..." if it describes in detail "what, where, when, for whom", and maybe "why, who was the RJ, the guests, what music will play..."

    5. Of course, the article should be written correctly, without the filthy language and abuses

    6. There articles are not allowed on the main like:

  • It's great that a real GREAT musicians come on our radio, I'm just happy! Thank you Nora!!!
  • Tomorrow from 19.00 till 20.00 will take advance orders! Subject of an hour: decent horror films :)
  • Artem-Moscow Thanks for such a great idea as the creation of radio in dabstep style. I'm very grateful to you! Alina
  • Adeline (Alina) Moscow
  • Untill the first broadcast of Next Generation station - 18 minutes !!!

  • P.S. Try to arouse interest not only your audience, but also other visitors